Highest Bungee Jump in Nepal – Kushma Bungee Jump – the Cliff

Kushma Bungee Jump – Highest Bungee Jump in Nepal

Nepal is a world class destination for bungee jumping, and there are plenty of qualified operators to choose from. You’ll feel this adrenaline kick in during the height of your jump so keep an open mind, or you could miss out on an amazing adventure. So what’s holding you back? Get out there, have some fun at Nepal’s highest bungy jumping site.

Kushma Bungee is one of the most comprehensive bungee jump sites in Nepal allowing you to reach dizzying heights while exploring the mountains. Kushma has many adventurous activities, from sky cycling to bungee jumping and swinging. The resort is built for guests who enjoy the outdoors.

The adrenaline does make bungee experience blissful, and this also becomes one of the most desirable spots for the adventure seekers due to the natural diversity this spot offers along with a wide range of activities.

Kushma Bungee provides the opportunity to leap from a height of 228 meter, 200 feet in the air. Kushma Bungee is Nepal’s highest highest bungee jump site. This is also one of the highest swing sites in the world. And yes the sky cycle of kushma is also one of the highest in the world.

This adventure sport at kushma is operated by “The Cliff Pvt Ltd” and was started in the year 2020. Kushma Bungee lets you jump from the greatest heights while maintaining excellent safety records. A team of professional and trained people of “The Cliff” drive bungee activities in Kushma Bungee.


Where is Kushma Bungee in Nepal?

The bungee Jumping spot resides in the 520 m. long suspension bridge which connects Kushma of Parvat to the Balewa of Baglung. Kushma Bungee is in Parvat, Nepal. The Pokhara-Mustang road segment goes through the beautiful Kushma village. which lies on the border of Baglung and Parvat about 60kms from scenic Pokhara valley. 


How to reach Kushma Bungee ?

It takes around 2 to 3 hours to travel from Kushma to Pokhara, depending on what means of transportation one is using. Distance from Kathmandu to Kushma The distance from Kathmandu to Kushma is approximately 270 kilometers. Pokhara can be reached by flight. The flight option is the quicker one and with a timely flight, you can visit Kushma and return back to Pokhara the same day.The flight option is recommended if you are traveling from kathmandu to kushma.

The Cliff Pvt Ltd offers transfer services from Pokhara to Bungee jump in Kushma. It starts at 07:00 AM from Hallanchowk and reaches Kushma at 09:00 AM. Charges around 1500 NPR.


Where to Stay in Kushma 

The Cliff is a famous site among bungee jumping lovers. The attraction features tented cottages that come with a fascinating view over Kushma village and the valley. There are  two categories of rooms on offer at this resort –Standard Room and Deluxe Room, but there might not be enough space for everyone at all times.


Other Activities at Kushma Bungee Jump in Nepal

The beautiful Kushma provides lots of things to see. The high suspension bridges, the lovely greenery, the village life and all its homes, the river are major highlights that visitors admire a lot. Some major activities at Kushma Bungee.

Canyon Swing / Tandem Swing at Kushma, Nepal

Canyon Swing is done at a height of  228 Meters and the experience lasts for 8.5 seconds while swinging in air between Rocks. It can be done in Tandem with your partner as well but the Weight limit shouldn’t exceed 125 Kg combined weight. Swing from the sky bridge in a harness on Canyon Swing, an exhilarating adventure.


Sky Cycling in Nepal, Kushma Bungee Spot

Kushma Bungee presents Sky Cycling, Kushma’s most extreme adventure activity. It goes from Kushma of Baglung to Balewa village of Parvat and takes place at a height of 228 meters on 300 meter long wires making it one of the tallest and most astonishing experiences available in Kushma or anywhere else for that matter.


Best time to visit Kushma Bungee

Kushma always has something to offer in all seasons, but extreme monsoon and Rains can disrupt your jump so avoid the months of July and August. Bungee jumping in Kushma is typically scheduled to start from 09:00 AM in the morning throughout the winter season and for the overnight guests, it can be started from 08:00 AM all through summer season.


Bungee Jumping and health conditions:

People with certain medical conditions are not advised to undergo Bungee jumping. If you have a medically certified condition such as High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Heart Conditions, High Myopia, Broken or dislocating bones etc. Bungee jumping should not be done.


Kushma Bunjee Jump Facts

Bungee Height at Kushma bungee228 meters
Bungee Length at Kumsha bungee520 meters
Free fall period (Bungee at kushma)4.6 Second
Free fall period (Swing at kushma)8.4 Second
Weight Limitations (Kushma bungee)Min: 40 Kg / Max: 100 Kg
Weight Limitations (Swing at Kushma Bungee)Min: 40 Kg / Max: 128 Kg
Tandem Swing Flight at Kushma BungeeMax: 128 Kg


Cost of Bunjee Jump in Kushma, Nepal

CostNPR 7000USD 70USD 70
Photo and Video AdditionalNPR 1500USD 15USD 15
Bridge Entry FeeNPR 500N/AN/A


Cost of Swing At Kushma Bunjee, Nepal

CostNPR 7000USD 70USD 70
Photos and VideoNPR 1500USD 15USD 15
Bridge Entry OnlyNPR 500N/AN/A


Combine Cost of Bunjee Jump and Swing in Kushma, Nepal

ChargesNPR 10,500USD 105USD 105
Photo and videoNPR 2700USD 27USD 27
Bridge Entry OnlyNPR 500N/AN/A


Cost of Tandam Swing in Kushma, Nepal

ChargesNPR 12,000USD 120USD 120
Photo / VideoNPR 2000USD 120USD 120
Bridge EntryNPR 500N/AN/A


The above cost may change, for more details and availability please check out current status and booking details.

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